All Natural - No Soaps or Chemicals.

Deep clean with nothing but water bubbles. This may sound impossible, but these are innovative microbubbles. When pets are experiencing allergies or skin sensitivities, the avoidance of soaps, surfactants and chemicals can prove extremely beneficial.

Completely Non-Abrasive

Other than picking the animal up to place into the tub, there is no other need to touch the pet.  This is extremely important for animals that have severely inflamed skin.  Reduced contact combined with deep cleaning also enhances the healing process.

Environmentally Friendly

The future of our planet is extremely important. A Thera-Clean treatment uses no chemicals what so ever. If needed, only natural plant based enzymes are used to assist the microbubbles lifting the debris up from the animal’s skin and pores.


Simply put- it’s literally impossible for the animal to be allergic to a Thera-Clean treatment.

Hands-Free Approach

As we discussed, with the technology being non-abrasive, all of these benefits apply to groomers as well. Many Japanese grooming professionals describe a decreased back strain due to the hands-free approach and as many report less dry skin and irritation to their hands.

Never Shampoo Again

It may seem to be only a dream, but it is possible. Microbubble technology does what shampoo simply can’t do.  They clean deep in hair follicles and pores. Animals with extremely oily skin will benefit from an initial shampoo to facilitate bubble penetration. In these cases, we sell our Thera-Clean all natural shampoos.

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What Clients Say

Many of our patients with seborrhea hadn’t improved much from conventional medications and shampoos, so it was a nice surprise to see them improve after we began to use the Microbubble Wash System in their treatment.
Dr. Nagata, Nopo Animal Hospital
After trying many other machines, I finally came across Thera-Clean’s Microbubble Wash System. I was pleasantly surprised by how effective it is in treating my patients’ skin problems!
Dr. Kishimoto, You Animal Hospital
It’s clinically proven that the use of Thera-Clean’s Microbubble Wash System enhances patients’ recovery from skin problems, shortening the treatment period.
Dr. Ishibashi, Inokashira Park Animal Hospital
One of my patients was a dog with severe skin problems. He had been receiving treatment for nine years without getting any better, so we were really amazed when, after only six microbubble therapies, his condition was dramatically improved. His hair finally started to grow!
Dr. Shimada, Shimada Animal Hospital

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