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Micro Bubble Cleaning Technology – The Evolution of Skin Care

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Microbubble Dog Bathing System

What Clients Say

Many of our patients with seborrhea hadn’t improved much from conventional medications and shampoos, so it was a nice surprise to see them improve after we began to use the Microbubble Wash System in their treatment.
Dr. Nagata, Nopo Animal Hospital
After trying many other machines, I finally came across Thera-Clean’s Microbubble Wash System. I was pleasantly surprised by how effective it is in treating my patients’ skin problems!
Dr. Kishimoto, You Animal Hospital
It’s clinically proven that the use of Thera-Clean’s Microbubble Wash System enhances patients’ recovery from skin problems, shortening the treatment period.
Dr. Ishibashi, Inokashira Park Animal Hospital
One of my patients was a dog with severe skin problems. He had been receiving treatment for nine years without getting any better, so we were really amazed when, after only six microbubble therapies, his condition was dramatically improved. His hair finally started to grow!
Dr. Shimada, Shimada Animal Hospital
In my 35 years of dog grooming I have never seen anything work like this!  Failed medications and shampoos…I love the holistic, natural approach of treating the cause rather than just the symptoms.
Sheri Meyers, Sheri May Meyers Pet Styling - Ohio
The Thera-Clean Microbubble system if an amazing machine.  We have a weekly client his name is Moto and he is a Shiba Inu.  He has had chronic itching and smell issues.  We have been using the micro bubble on him for the past few months and the results are incredible.  Smell gone, skin less itchy and he is shedding less.  His family is so grateful for this technology.  Happy dog and happy owners = Happy Business.
Deidre (owner), The Wag Shop - Denver
We expected our new Thera-Clean microbubble system to help alleviate skin problems but we did not expect it to shrink Deeva’s histiocytoma. We were just at our vet office discussing having it surgically removed on Monday, gave her 1st Thera Clean bath on Wednesday and by Thursday almost gone. No need for surgery.
Robin (owner), Pawsitive Karma
We Love the machine. It is easy to sell the idea to our clients as we have seen so many pets have better skin and coats from using it. With regular routine baths we have improved skin and coat so much on some clients that they actually have to have haircuts again! And the best part is that the dogs no longer have to take medications that are doing internal damage!
Cindy (manager), Kenl Inn - Nebraska
For the first time ever, he can eat and play and relax, it’s amazing!
J. Miller - Pet Owner
Sheri, it’s like a miracle.
Pat M. - Pet Owner
No scratching, no oozing, and she is actually able to sleep.
Sue H. - Pet Owner
Copper slept through the entire night for the first time in over a year.
Elaine H. - Pet Owner
The Thera-Clean Microbubble system has helped me turn my business into a successful, profitable venture. I now get to offer a specialized service and am increasing revenue, continuously. The best part is that I can stand behind this service 100%, since the difference in the dogs is visibly remarkable. My clients are thrilled about being able to give their furry family members a more pleasant bathing experience, while enjoying the benefits of healthier skin and coat.
Tracy Spokes (owner), Green Dog Spa - Edmonton
The Thera-Clean Inc. Micro Bubble machine and company has exceeded our expectations. The machine and Thera-Clean products are paving a new path in the grooming world. Finally, a step in the right direction for healthy, happy and beautiful pets in our industry. Not only does the machine and products create amazing results the company stands behind you 100%. There is NO other! Thera-Clean Inc. provides honest support that has gone beyond any company we have worked with in our industry. Thera-Clean Inc. is making the grooming world better Four Paws at a Time!
Rachel Ann (owner), Rachel Ann's Country Clips Pet Grooming
We are beyond pleased with the results of this system but the greater picture is that the customer service. We committed to the system at the expo and we and have not been the least disappointed with anything. From the second we committed to the purchase to the time we first turned it on, even up to now, The results are truly amazing. I can see us eventually having multiple Thera-Clean systems in our salons. Thanks for making such an awesome system available for a new level of pet-care.
Ricky Wilson (owner), Furry Paws Grooming Salon
That new system is amazing!!! My husband even noticed Oliver looked different without me telling him about the new thing! I’m amazed how much better his paws look! Thank you for having him all fixed up!!
Pet Owner at Furry Paws
After seeing results and having good feedback from the customers just after one microbubble bath I was amazed. After seeing atopic dermatitis be relieved after three treatments that the dog has been suffering from for seven months, I was blown away. You can truly see debris from the dogs skin accumulating in the tub while you are effortlessly bathing the pet with micro-bubbles. There is no other product on the market that can produce the results that Thera-Clean can. Gently wash away bacteria, yeast, allergens, and built up sebum with just water.
Danica David (owner), Precision Cuts