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Lucky Paws Cares

The hits keep on coming from our clients at Thera-Clean Inc.

Click here to view this case from our client Lucky Paws Pet Grooming in Brewster N.Y.

Lucky Paws Hot SpotA hot spot was beginning to form so Lucky Paws jumped into action with a Thera-Clean Bath and let the science behind those micro bubbles perform their magic. As you know hot spots causing burning and irritation making the dogs scratch the affected area. Healing a hot spot ASAP is essential in keeping the symptoms to a minimum and clearing up the problem area quickly. This case was 1 bath and the after pic was 6 days post bath. A chemical free, and green approach made this big of an impact in 1 bath! Because CLEAN skin is HEALTHY skin!

Since we are talking about hot spots please remember this is a bacterial infection usually caused by skin itching due to environmental allergens, food, fleas, mites, insect bites, wounds etc…The irritant causes the animal to scratch thus opening the skin and inviting bacteria to enter the dermis. This why a Thera-Clean Bath is not just for skin problem animals but as a preventative and maintenance measure as well. If the animal does not have soaps left behind to dry the skin or other irritants on and in the skin there is no reason to scratch resulting in open wounds for bacteria and fungus to enter.

Never forget that a Thera-Clean Bath is great for every animal!

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