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Safe, Natural, Deep Skin Technology.

All the people involved with Thera-Clean® are proud of our relationship with the founder (Mr. Fujikawa) of the micro bubble technology that we provide. This is an honorable individual who has dedicated the later years of his life to the betterment of the well-being of pets. His innovative skin cleansing breakthrough is becoming an accepted and sought after addition to professional veterinary hospitals and grooming salons throughout Japan. With animals in need the world over, Mr. Fujikawa brought his discovery to North America where he persuaded Dr. James Zarowny, a veterinarian with a keen interest in dermatology, to do extensive trials with his unit. The success of that encounter resulted in the formation of Thera-Clean®. Now a group of like minded professionals, it is Thera-Clean’s objective to continue Mr. Fujikawa’s goal of making pet owners around the world aware of the benefits that truly deep clean skin can provide. The application of this advanced microbubble technology is in its comparative infancy and already thousands of animals have proven the efficiency for facilitating skin healing preventing and helping resolve skin disease. We look forward to helping to bring these results wherever they are most needed.

How Important is Truly Clean Skin?

To answer that question, we can only use the process of discovery. Microbubbles deep clean skin including hair follicles and pores. The technology has now been trialed and the answer is irrefutable: “Clean skin is VERY important”. Microbubble technology now allows skin to be cleaned on a deeper level than ever before!The microbubble cleaning system is a holistic approach to cleaning your pets pores, fur and follicles. This advanced bathing system does NOT use any shampoo or conditioner, making it completely hypoallergenic and non-abbrasive. Save your pet from annoying itchy skin and reverse skin conditions to allow your pet a happier, healthier life.

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