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US 7,810,179 B2
US 8,216,557 B2
US 7,823,596 B2
US 7,653,671 B2

A patent is given to new technologies or discoveries. It is proof of the methods and techniques that have never before been used or seen. It is a new solution to a problem which could not be fixed until now.

The cleaning method of using microbubbles practical application which we developed has been patented in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, South Korea and Japan. It is under review in Europe.

It’s not a copy of other techniques. It has been granted from the national government as a completely new technology which is from a small company in Japan and we hope that our technology will help pets and people around the world. Our new microbubble skin care baths are proven to help animals with skin conditions or diseases, relieving them of itchy skin and unclogging their pores with no harmful chemicals. Clean skin is important for a healthy fur coat.

Our products also have obtained electrical standards of the EU already and it has been exported to Europe already. We have acquired electrical standards as CSA in North America and we will start to produce and sell in North America come August 2013.