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“In my 35 years of dog grooming I have never seen anything work like this!
Failed medications and shampoos…I love the holistic, natural approach of
treating the cause rather than just the symptoms.”
Sheri Meyers (owner) –  Sheri May Meyers Pet Styling, Sylvania, OH

“There is no other product on the market that can produce the results that Thera-Clean can. Gently wash away bacteria, yeast, allergens, and built up sebum with JUST WATER.”
Danica David Certified Pet Aesthetician, NDGAA registered,
Precision Kuts Pet Grooming & Therapeutic Bathing Center – Vero Beach, FL

“The Thera-Clean Microbubble system is an amazing machine.  We have a weekly client
his name is Moto and he is a Shiba Inu.  He has had chronic itching and smell issues.  We
have been using the micro bubble on him for the past few months and the results are incredible.
Smell gone, skin less itchy and he is shedding less.  His family is so grateful for this technology.
Happy dog and happy owners = Happy Business.”
Deidre (owner) – The Wag Shop, Denver, CO

“It’s clinically proven that the use of Thera-Clean’s Microbubble Wash System enhances patients’ recovery from skin problems, shortening the treatment period.”
Dr. Ishibashi – Inokashira Park Animal Hospital

“The Thera-Clean Microbubble system has helped me turn my business into a successful, profitable venture. I now get to offer a specialized service and am increasing revenue, continuously. The best part is that I can stand behind this service 100%, since the difference in the dogs is visibly remarkable. My clients are thrilled about being able to give their furry family members a more pleasant bathing experience, while enjoying the benefits of healthier skin and coat.”
Tracy Spokes (owner) – Green Dog Micro Bubble Spa, Edmonton, Canada

Dog Groomer Bath Station

“We Love the machine. It is easy to sell the idea to our clients as we have seen so
many pets have better skin and coats from using it. With regular routine baths we
have improved skin and coat so much on some clients that they actually have to
have haircuts again! And the best part is that the dogs no longer have to take
medications that are doing internal damage!”
Cindy (manager) – Kenl Inn, Lincoln, NB

“This system is absolutely amazing! I have never seen results like this in my 15 years of grooming! Thank you Thera-Clean for giving me the chance to offer my clients a better way to clean them!”
Crystal Rublaitus (owner) – A Cut Above Pet Spa, Lake Charles, LA

“The Thera-Clean Inc. Micro Bubble machine and company has exceeded our expectations. The
machine and Thera-Clean products are paving a new path in the grooming world. Finally, a step in the
right direction for healthy, happy and beautiful pets in our industry. Not only does the machine and
products create amazing results the company stands behind you 100%. There is NO other!
Thera-Clean Inc. provides honest support that has gone beyond any company we have worked with
in our industry. Thera-Clean Inc. is making the grooming world better Four Paws at a Time!”
Rachel Ann (owner) – Rachel Ann’s Country Clips Pet Grooming, Pocono Summit, PA

“I first encountered a system in Tokyo Japan where a Veterinarian I was visiting, was treating a Westie with chronic atopy. He had documented the dog’s progress with photos and after seeing the results, I was immediately interested. I purchased and brought a system back to my practice in Ontario.

I’m here to tell you that the technology is not only effective but almost necessary, especially in treating many chronic skin conditions.

The technology would appear to be extremely useful in any clinic doing a moderate amount of dermatology. It has made a difference in all my chronic pyoderma and folliculitis cases and I used it routinely for atopy and lesser allergic skin problems.”
Dr. James Zarowny  – DVM

“As a veterinarian technician I know allergies can be a nightmare. My Shih Tzu, Harbin, had suffered from horrible allergies since he was 6 months old. He has had to be on several medications including steroids, I had him allergy tested, tried special shampoos but nothing helped my itchy little boy. When Furry Paws first got the Microbubble I was asked if I would like to try it and let me tell you it has been a BLESSING for Harbin. He no longer is itchy unless it has been just a little to long since having one done and most times we can go a month in between baths for him. His hair coat has went back to its normal color when before it had faded to almost no color. He’s been off of all medications since starting him on the Microbubble over a year ago. He goes home afterwards with so much energy and plays his heart out with his toys. Being a professional in the veterinarian field it is sometimes harder for us to go the holistic, non-medicine route for pets but after seeing what Microbubble has done for my little guy I would recommend it for anyone to try for their pet who has problems with itchy skin.
Bree Wiggins  – Westgate Veterinary Hospital

“Many of our patients with seborrhea hadn’t improved much from
conventional medications and shampoos, so it was a nice surprise to
see them improve after we began to use the Microbubble Wash System
in their treatment.”
Dr. Nagata – Nopo Animal Hospital

After many groomers, I’ve finally found the one! Professional, patient and genuinely caring. Getting our girls nails grinded is no longer a stressful event. Their nails always look fabulous and I don’t leave feeling bad that my lab shep can be a handful. If that’s not enough, the micro bubble baths were a miracle in dealing with our American Bulldog’s awful skin issues. Highly recommend Floss’ Grooming for any of your grooming needs! 
Shannon Warner  – Pet parent & customer at Floss Grooming

“I’ve only been in once so far but Gretta and I will continue to be regulars. Jill and her team are very sweet people that are very passionate about pets well being. Gretta had a micro bath and I’m convinced this is the answer to fix up her extreme dry skin! I’m so glad we ran into you at Pet-a-palooza Jill, Gretta will be one happy pup because of you very soon. Thank-you! Please feel free to post Gretta’s pictures too so more people out there are convinced that Thera-Clean is amazing!”
Jackie Wilby – Pet Parent & customer of Atomic Dog Boutique

As we are a skin & coat wellness center, the Thera-Clean technology has been a valuable asset in achieving our goal that every pet has a healthy skin and coat.  The system has definitely assisted in helping increase our bottom line, our groomers are far happier whenever they get to use it.  The haircuts seem to be far superior to what they were before due to the hairs manageability.  Not only does the system assist in correcting skin & coat issues, it’s far superior in it’s relaxing qualities with the dogs and cats.
Chad Autry (owner) – Bath Brush & Beyond, Albuquerque NM
The Thera-Clean System has not only been a good investment for my Salon but also for my Community. I love being able to help my clients furry family members get the clean and healthy skin that they deserve. I didn’t know what to think about the system at first, but after having it for a year now I can Honestly Say I love it. Not only has it transformed my clients dogs but its also cleared up foster dogs skin issues and helped them get a new lease on life and find a home. I love the Thera-clean system because it works!
Floss (owner) – Floss’ Grooming,  Somerdale, NJ
Can’t say enough about this company. They are so dedicated to helping pets. Absolutely blown away. Starting to see good results for my severely allergic dog. I emailed Kyle, the owner and he responded so graciously. Even met me at my work to go over the system and some after products to help my poor boy. I recommend this company to anyone. Please check them out!!!
Tina Ferguson – Pet parent & customer at Fleetwood Veterinary Clinic

I’m so thankful that I invested in this machine. I use it daily at my grooming shop. My customers are not only happy that the dogs are improving but grateful that I took the time to research this wonderful company and invested in their pet’s well being. I can guarantee that you will be happy with the micro bubbles and the great customer relationship with Thera Clean.
Danica David (owner) – Precision Kuts Pet Grooming and Therapeutic Bathing Center,  Vero Beach, Florida
Thera-Clean is one of the greatest skin treatments I’ve ever seen. I’m so happy that we have gotten the opportunity to offer this kind of care at A Cut Above Pet Spa!!
Felicia Kent (groomer) – A Cut Above Pet Spa

We are beyond pleased with the results of this system, but the greater picture is that the customer service from the first time we met Kyle and Jeff at Hershey Expo 2014. We committed to our system at the expo and have not been the least disappointed with anything in regards to Thera-Clean from the time of commitment to the time we started it up for the first time, even up to now. The results are truly amazing. I can see us eventually having multiple Micro Bubble systems in our salons. Thanks for making such an awesome system available for a new level of pet care.
Ricky Wilson (owner) – Furry Paws Grooming Salon, Enterprise, AL

I highly endorse  the micro bubble bath for your dog. My dog has never been so clean or smelled good even after two weeks of a daily swim in the pond. The pond does not smell so good this time of year. 
Carolyn Garrison Black  – Pet parent & customer at Texas Dog Academy

For over 40 years, I have specialized in canine skin and coat care. In this endeavor, I have found water therapy to be the most natural therapeutic treatment when topically conditioning canine skin and hair. In fact, when properly administered, water is the key factor when rehydrating dry skin and facilitates the healing process when dealing with a variety of skin and coat problems.

Finally, a manufacturer has emerged with an outstanding product for implementing water therapy – the THERA-CLEAN’s Micro-Bubble technology. When correctly used in conjunction with the SuperCoat Skin and Coat Care programs, it offers a gentle, natural, and holistic approach to the not only topical but deep conditioning of canine and feline skin and coat.

I encourage all pet care professionals to consider the benefits of the THERA-CLEAN micro-bubble technology when developing their skin and coat care and spa programs.
Pam Lauritzen  – President & Founder of ISCC

My experience with Thera-Clean came when we had a junior hunter who constantly over reached when she was showing. Trying to keep the open wounds from getting infected, especially at a few horse shows, was extremely difficult.  No matter what we did to keep the wounds clean and treated, she would get so sore. She underwent treatment daily with the use of a Thera-Clean bath and we were able to continue to show her for those shows.
I highly recommend the use of a Thera-Clean for injuries like hers.  It was definitely a life saver for us.
Patti Boland (professional horse trainer) – Baskin Farms
We received our machine a little over 3 weeks ago and could not be more pleased! We had expected it to do a good job, and were really hoping it was at least half as good as it sounded. It was a pleasant surprise to find out right away that it was 100% as good as you said.
We have some “skin issue” clients who have tried it for the past 3 weeks and the results are amazing. In only 3 short weeks we have 1 client already growing new hair!
Every “parent” who has had their dog in for a micro bubble bath has already booked at least one more bath, or purchased our 5 pack bundle. We are only hearing good things from them regarding their dog’s comfort, skin itching and rashes. We have been able to pick up many new clients in the short time the Thera-Clean machine has been in our salon and we expect it to continue to grow.
Thank you for a wonderful product that truly does live up to its advertising!

Jill (owner) – Atomic Dog Boutique, Calgary AB

Getting the micro bubble bathing system was the best decision we ever made…seriously!
Rachael  Stalcoskie (owner Rachael’s Country Clips) – Excerpt from Groomer to Groomer Magazine (February 2016 issue)

Well, I’ve had my machine for a few months now … and I can’t imagine how I ever lived without it! The white dogs are so white their coat shimmers with a silvery sheen, some of the “black” dogs are more of a deep chocolate color, and they all just glow!
The dogs with skin issues are healing up nicely … and word is finally getting around, so I’m able to help more and more pets and their owners improve their quality of life!! I thoroughly enjoy giving the Microbubble baths – ALMOST as much as the dogs enjoy getting them! My hands look 10 years younger … just anticipating when you guys are going to make one for me!!
The machine works so well … the products arrive quickly when I order, and let me tell you … I have worked with a lot of different companies over the years, the customer service and personal touch Kyle and Jeff and everyone at Thera-Clean provide to each of their clients is beyond belief! I have never seen a company that works so hard AFTER the sale to help a client in any way they can. They always return texts and/or calls asap and answer any questions you have. They understand the science and technology in ways I can’t even begin to understand, but they manage to explain it to me so I “get it”. They have all been very helpful in so many ways – WAY above and beyond customer service … it’s a support system and they never hesitate to help in any way they can!! You just absolutely KNOW they believe in and stand behind the Thera-Clean system in ways I have never seen before!
When I couldn’t think up a great way to present the system to my clients, Kyle, with all of his normal, never tiring enthusiasm … took time from his extremely busy schedule to write up and email me an introduction statement worded in a way that made it so easy for me to explain to clients. They help with marketing, product choices, and the private group for groomers to help each other.
I’m so pleased with my Thera-Clean Microbubble machine … and everyone at the Thera-Clean company!! 5+ stars and hands down THE most pleasant people I have ever had the pleasure to work with! Thank you guys for all the hard work you do everyday to help us help pets all over the world!

Sharon Frantz (owner) – DogZone, Myrtle Beach, SC.

We’ve been using the Thera-Clean Microbubbler system for the last 4+ yrs.    It has been a much needed blessing for many of our clients.    Dogs that ITCH, dogs that have that ongoing greasy, dandruffy, skin…… dogs w/ allergies, dogs that have lost all their hair…….. such amazing results we have seen!!    Put on a regular schedule many of these pets and their owners have REALLY found relief!!

Its an amazing process.    White is REALLY white w/ the microbubbler system!!   I use it personally for my Bull Terrier who otherwise goes bat-chxt crazy w/ water in the tub!!     Micro-bubbling has soooo much potential for so many different things……. it’s a little more time consuming so you have to be prepared to charge more…… but, its well worth it in the long run.    Many of our customers are weekly or biweekly now!!    It gives us the opportunity to make contact more often and it assures a continued happy client!!   J ALWAYS GOOD!!
KQ Allen  – Owner of Kenl Inn, Lincoln NE